Chandigarh Housing Board New Scheme

CHB has many projects and activities commencing under administrative department. Some of the valid inclusions are as follows:

  • Proactive approaches have always been a part of the glorious profile of CHB. Playing a great role in uprising of social welfare, Chandigarh housing board new scheme is focused on the project of Slum Rehabilitation.
  • Along with that, Rehri Owners have also been included in rehab process by building of Markets in prime Sectors like Sector – 7, 9, 11, 15, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 37, 38, 39, 41, 46 & 47.
  • Rehab process is also commenced for Mechanics by construction of sheds, garages, shops, and helping booths in Sector – 38 (West), 49, 48, 52.

Chandigarh housing board new scheme include ‘General Housing’, which gives affordable accommodation facilities. Prominence working has been seen by Administrative department of Chandigarh in construction arena. Some of the biggest construction projects that have been undertaken by Chandigarh Housing Board include:

  • Kalagram Construction at rural area of Manimajra
  • Ambedkar Bhawan Construction in Sector – 37

Future Projects in Progress:

Chandigarh Housing Board has been working day and night for valid outcomes in supporting people to providing shelter. Some of the future plans that have already been undertaken by CHB are as follows:

Slum Rehabilitation Scheme

Total of 23841 slum families have been estimated to exist currently that are distributed over 18 small section colonies. Rehabilitation process has already been started by CHB in year 2006 under scheme ‘Chandigarh Small Flats Scheme – 2006’. Apart from working continually in this field, Government of India has sanctioned Rupees 396.12 Crore. This has been in collaboration with JNNURM.

UT Employees Scheme

Another project known as ‘Self Financing Housing Scheme 2008’ has been active since 2008. This is especially for employees working in Chandigarh Administrative Department. According to this scheme, 61.5 acres of land divided in three parts has been embarked by the department. Almost 3900 housing units with diversified categories will be made in Sector – 52 and Sector – 56. Currently, the proposed plan is under study and waiting for approval by Office of Chief architect UT.

Planning Subsidiaries

Construction of Intelligent & Green Building for Chandigarh Housing Board office complex at Sector – 9 is under progress. Along with that, general housing schemes like 1500 flats at Maloya I has been initiated with positive response. This includes all the categories like general and elite. Maloya II will also see development process with 464 new flats.

New Initiatives at Chandigarh housing board

Chandigarh Administration holds the credit for starting outstanding new initiatives. These all are constrained towards Chandigarh Housing Board. Some of the valid categories and entities are as follows:

Jawaharlal Nehru Chandigarh Education City

Planning for opening 130 acres Education City has been proposed by Chandigarh Administration. Availing human resource at its best is the prime vision of this Education City. Providing quality education for the underprivileged children will be one of the main objectives. Since it will be an Education City, all kinds of institutes providing a good academic base will be present in this domicile of heritage. Time is required to construct such a massive project along with world class infrastructure facilitation.

Multimedia Centre –cum- Film City

Developing multimedia aspects of Chandigarh is also a task by Administrative Department of Chandigarh. New Initiatives at Chandigarh housing board consists of this Film City which will provide 30 acres land to them and making it a world class multimedia centre. Currently, bidders have been tolling their responses in large numbers to take the construction deal. After finalizing the deal, Multimedia Park will be established with prominence to deliver best results in terms of entertainment and enjoyment.

Amusement Park -cum- Theme Park

Chandigarh Administration is planning to establish a world class amusement park. Spread over 73.3 acres of land in Sarangpur, recent bidders have shown deliverance in bidding their lowest bids. It is made to enhance the travel and tourism department’s background profoundly. Theme park is something that has its origins from foreign countries. To establish a park of that cadre needs loads of efforts and valid skills. After completion of this project, economy of Chandigarh will surely receive a positive support from this entity.

Entrepreneur Development Centre

Information Technology is also based in the heritage grounds of Chandigarh. Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park (RGCTP) has been proposed to present a valid platform for those new talented people who have a niche to work on development. Entrepreneur Development Centre is one such project that has been initialized by Chandigarh Administration under New Initiatives at Chandigarh housing board. IT department is a huge boon to India as software exports have raised its toll in recent times. Tremendous growth along with positive outcomes has been seen and Entrepreneur Development Centre will surely add up to this positive reputation of the whole country.

Medi City

Entertainment, development, Information Technology and Housing has been taken care by Chandigarh Administration. Another important aspect for developing a city in best mannerism is medical field. Medi City is one such initiative taken by Chandigarh Administration to take that step forward towards creating a perfect place for living. Hospitals along with special research centers will be included in Medi City. This will also include medical colleges that will produce genuine scholars in medical field to serve the people.

Integrated Milk Production Village

Maloya I and Maloya II sectors have been under supervision by Chandigarh Housing Board for housing schemes. Along with that, Chandigarh Administration also plans to operate Integrated Milk Production Village from Maloya. Facilitating dairy production and substituting industrial process, this will be a project constrained within 100 acres of land. Cattle handling and farmers home will be present here with prominence to developing innovative ideas for milk production. Resulting in various diversified arenas, Integrated Milk Production Village will prove to be a great support for overall development in State.

Modern Terminal Market (MTM)

Modern day lifestyle is complimented with recent life developments in every sector. Whether it is education, retail, finance and production, industrial, infrastructural or any other field, coordination is required in overall system. Modern Terminal Market (MTM) will be one such approach towards an overall growth. Conducing farm production with sales and marketing will be power collaboration. Development in terms of production rate along with sub entities like storage, sorting, packaging, cleaning and finally selling is most desirable. Modern Terminal Market (MTM) will provide that extensive support and base to proclaim growth towards development.

State Level Energy Park

Outdoor awareness is always required for a growth oriented public. Using natural resources in collaboration with human resources is a task that will generate huge amount of success in developing the State. Same is the vision for presenting State Level Energy Park scheme under new initiatives taken by Chandigarh Administration. Solar plants and energy saving methods should be adapted at places for thermal productivity and State Level Energy Park would showcase such kinds of services and methods with prominence.

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