Mahendra Singh Dhoni Girlfriend

Nowadays, the latest buzz about the legendary cricketer is that actually who MS Dhoni girlfriend is. Many have probed into the question of MS Dhoni girlfriend, searched the newspapers, Google the web, eves dropped in the green rooms, manipulated gossips and the like. But the question still bothers. If one goes according to the newspapers, one of the contenders of the much hyped MS Dhoni girlfriend list is the damsel actress Deepika Padukone. But her record is as vague as MS Dhoni. She has been linked to other cricketers too. MS Dhoni girlfriend is a veiled mystery. As much as there lays a possibility of MS Dhoni girlfriend being a Bollywood actress, there are equal chances of him having a neighborhood girl next door girlfriend. And then there are always chances that the MS Dhoni girlfriend list is a hoax and he has never had any. Whatever it is, the fans won’t stop speculating and MS Dhoni is definitely not in a mood to spit it out so all one can do is to wonder what his love interest or his girlfriend would be like.

MS Dhoni girlfriend list seems to be ameliorating every day. Last year it was Sakshi Rawat who works at Taj, who was rumored to be the girlfriend of the hunk after which he got a new hairdo of short hair. Again after some time, it was said that a southern actress named Laxmi Rai was allegedly the lucky one and thereafter Deepika Padukone’s name came up in the MS Dhoni girlfriend long list. MS Dhoni girlfriend may be a secret but if he reveals it, he would certainly earn respect and awe for himself from his ardent followers. But the big question still hovers, as to at present who is MS Dhoni girlfriend? However the Dhoni girlfriend photo can be found on the internet. No matter whom it is Dhoni girlfriend photo is always in demand among the Mahi fans. For getting the Dhoni girlfriend photo fans are ready to do anything. Any girl standing next to and talking friendly to Mahi becomes eligible for the Dhoni girlfriend photo. Even the newspapers are not an exception for printing those photographs by the name of Dhoni girlfriend photo.

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