Vijay Mallya Family

Being a business tycoon and that too of such a flamboyant personality is bound to bring focus to the Vijay Mallya family where people start questioning about the Vijay Mallya son and Vijay Mallya wife. The mention of Vijay Mallya house is sure to send shivers because one cannot imagine the vastness of the plan of Vijay Mallya family to make a 37 storied Vijay Mallya house in Bangalore giving competition to the Mukesh Ambani house. The next successor to Vijay Mallya in the Vijay Mallya family is none other than the stylish Siddharta Mallya who is Vijay Mallya son and the only son.

The Vijay Mallya family cannot be said to be huge as he has two wives and 3 kids, Siddharta being the eldest in the Vijay Mallya family of kids. First Vijay Mallya wife, Sameera was an air hostess from whom Vijay Mallya son was born while the second Vijay Mallya wife, Rekha has two daughters. With a Vijay Mallya house in almost every city of the world, there are in total 26 houses which belong to him, the Vijay Mallya family is never at one place. The father being so well placed in business, Vijay Mallya son and daughters are also working in their own rights.

Derby and horse racing being another of the passions of the Vijay Mallya family, Vijay Mallya wife is seen in such places along with him or alone enjoying the limelight. In many occasions the first or second Vijay Mallya wife is seen with guests and winning horses and in the Vijay Mallya house where constant hosting of parties and celebrations are organized.

In the recently concluded, IPL 2010, many of the Vijay Mallya family members were widely photographed in public for the first time so extensively and the world came to know about the Vijay Mallya son and Vijay Mallya family. Another very unique thing about Vijay Mallya family and Vijay Mallya wife is that they are antique lovers and this love takes them to various parts of the world for various auctions. The ownership of an island in the Pacifics is said to be another very extravagant possessions of Vijay Mallya house.

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